DVIS - Dominion Volumetric Imaging Scanner

Imagine for a moment a near-future healthcare center equipped with Imaging3 devices. For the first time ever, healthcare workers will be able to instantly view 3D, high-resolution images of virtually any part of the human body. Imaging3 Technology 3D images are constructed using high-resolution fluoroscopy and can be used as references for any current or new medical procedures in which multiple frames of reference are required to perform medical procedures on or in the human body. The DVIS will significantly alter the current medical imaging landscape by providing many benefits contained within one device. Imaging3 Technology has enormous potential to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. It is representative of the disruptive technology that is changing health care in the 21st century. Smaller, faster, less expensive tools benefit doctors, patients, and facilities, as the merging of the technology and the health care industries create efficiencies and increased value.

Multi-Function Device

A diagnostic medical imaging device built with Imaging3 Technology can perform several functions and can replace or supplement a number of existing devices, resulting in considerable cost savings for hospitals and healthcare centers.
The company's management believes that this multi-function capability will be especially attractive in foreign markets, where the cost of a CT scanner is beyond the means of most hospitals and healthcare centers.


  • Mobile Form Factor Fits Through a Standard Room Door
  • No Shielded Room Required
  • Device Can Be Wheeled From OR To ER
  • Works on Standard 120v Wall Outlet Power
  • Multiple Pivot Points for Minimal Patient Movement