• Continuous 3D Scan View - high velocity orbit ongoing acquisition
  • Single 3D SafeScan View - high velocity orbit one acquisition
  • Continuous 2D Scan View - ongoing acquisition
The DVIS has a fluoroscopy xray generator/scanner combination (or several generators/scanners) mounted opposite each other on a gantry which rotates at an extremely high rate of velocity. While spinning each scanner acquires xray images at a rate of 30 or 60 per second. The XRay shutter/s can remain open to produce a Continuous 3D Scan View. However if a subject does not change a Single 3D SafeScan View may be preferable. The device spins just as quickly in Single 3D SafeScan mode. The shutter is opened briefly then promptly closed. The faster the orbit the less exposure to harmful radiation needed to produce a high quality 3D image. If the old-fashioned C-Arm type of view is prefered, the machine still operates in Continuous 2D Scan mode without revolving rapidly. SafeSlices and filters can be applied to images in Continuous 3D Scan mode or Single 3D SafeScan mode.


Additional radiation is not required to manipulate and view a Single 3D SafeScan image using roll/pitch/yaw/zoom navigation commmands. Hence the name SafeScan.
Additional radiation is not required to perform catscan type of slice operations. They are done with a scrollbar and applied to a 3D image not the patient. Hence the name SafeSlice.
The production model DVIS is expected to acquire a Single 3D SafeScan View with approximately the same exposure as 1-5 dental Xrays. A dental Xray for reference consists of about as much radiation as the average person encounters from natural sources in one day of living.